ATOMS Are Now Available!



Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s time to meet your ATOMS!

As of this morning, our new website and online store has gone live making ATOMS available to the world. From the moment our Kickstarter campaign began, we held to our mission of building products that will allow you to build to your imagination. This is a thrilling moment for us as we finally get to share with you the result of our hard work: ATOMS!

As you begin to explore and shop for ATOMS, here are a couple must-see places:

Meet The Quarks

Meet Bunsen and Pascal, the first two ATOMS Quarks! Our steadfast sweeper Pascal, can be remote controlled from the ATOMS app for his  adventures, while Bunsen, the kooky class clown, roams, lights up, and talks through the power of ATOMS. Designed with kids in mind, these two characters will help introduce users to the wonderful world of ATOMS.

Awaken Your Wonder With ATOMagic

The Popper Prankster Set and Magic Wave Wand will bring surprises, illusions, and tricks right to your fingertips! Unleash your inner prankster and scare your friends silly or dazzle a crowd with a swoop of your wand. They’ll never see it coming!

Shop Now

ATOMS are now available to purchase! There are a limited number of deluxe editions that will be shipped in time for the holidays, so make sure to be the first and place your order soon. The themed sets will inspire you to use ATOMS in creative ways and you can also use the individual ATOMS to enhance toys you already have!

Meet The ATOMS Team

A ruthless Monopoly player, a world traveler, a Loopin’ Louie lover, a trampolinist – the list goes on and on. It’s safe to say we have a quirky crew!

Read The ATOMS Blog

On the homepage, you can follow our blog to stay connected with the ATOMS community. Each week we will keep you posted with behind the scenes sneak peeks, suggestions of ATOMS creations, entertaining news from the world of toys, and more!

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Again, welcome to the ATOMS community! We’re excited to build, create, and play with you!