Individual ATOMS

  • Sensor ATOMS are YELLOW

  • Accelerometer

    Control direction and magnitude of other ATOMS
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  • Control Knob

    Outputs a constant signal strength on a scale of 0-100
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  • IR Receiver

    Detects infrared waves from an IR Transmitter ATOM
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  • Light Sensor

    Detects the amount of light in its environment
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  • Power ATOMS are RED

  • Bluetooth

    Connects you to the ATOMS App & acts as a Rechargeable Battery
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  • Rechargeable Battery

    Power your ATOMS & recharge with the included USB cable
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  • Logic ATOMS are GREEN

  • Splitter

    Activate two ATOMS at the same time
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  • Flip Flop

    Working on a threshold, toggle input between two different ATOMS
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  • Action ATOMS are BLUE

  • Earthquake

    Quake, shake & rumble anything around you
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  • IR Transmitter

    Sends invisible infrared waves to the IR Receiver
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  • LED

    White light shines in proportion to the amount of input received
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  • Motor

    Clockwise port goes forward & counterclockwise port goes backwards
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  • Recorder

    Press the button & start recording
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  • Popper

    Make things jump with this spring loaded ATOM
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