ATOMS Starter Sets

  • Meet Pascal!

    Sweep up messes and go on great adventures using your iOS device with Pascal! Our ATOMS app helps you to drive Pascal’s Motor, take pictures, play music, and more. Pascal is sure win you over with his “can do” attitude!

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  • Get Rollin’ with Bunsen!

    Meet Bunsen, your resident Scaredy Quark! This goofball is sometimes afraid of the light and can be a bit clumsy and loud. Complete with a Light Sensor, Control Knob, Battery, Splitter, Motor, and Recorder, Bunsen comes loaded with fun!

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  • ATOMagic Wave Wand

    Mystify with magic! Light up the night, make things pop, and glow your Wand brightly with a flip of the wrist. Activate ATOMS circuits with your ATOMagic Wave Wand throughout the room to make your toys light up and jump up in the air!

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  • ATOMagic Popper Prankster Set

    “Surprise!” Prank friends, spook sis, and dazzle dad with your Popper Prankster Set. Play with light to activate the Recorder and Popper ATOMS for endless pranks and all day fun! Your Popper ATOM will send things flying!

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Power Your Play with ATOMS Sets

A circuit in 6 seconds!

Fun Challenges in Every Box

Test your skills and expand your knowledge with ATOMS Challenge Cards

Build Beyond

Use ATOMS to enhance what you already have! Hundreds of toys in one!



The Building Block for the iGeneration. Control ATOMS remotely with your ios device!