Build Beyond With ATOMS

ATOMS are smart building blocks that allow you to power your play and build to your imagination.

Our ATOMS are a series of Sensor, Power, Logic, and Action Blocks that work together in hundreds of combinations for endless fun and true play.

With plug-n-play ease and versatility, ATOMS are sold individually and in themed sets to add power, life, and functionality to your toys, creations, and imagination! Use ATOMS in our sets, the toys you already have, or the creations you dream up.


A Tech Toy for Everyone

ATOMS are designed so that the youngest imagineers can use with ease, and dynamic enough so that the world’s top makers and builders can enhance their creations simply and affordably.

Complete with Lego compatibility, holes for screws and suction cups, and options for hook & loop placements, ATOMS can be added anywhere at any time!


Out of the Box Simplicity


ATOMS are made so any kid can open, play, and start to enhance their creations within five minutes. Simply choose the ATOMS you want to power your creation, connect them with our wires, and watch the fun unfold!

ATOMS don’t require any electronics skills or programming experience – or supervision from a parent with an engineering degree!


Use our Bluetooth and our App to control ATOMS from any iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities or later. With three dashboards and 19 Widget functions, you can control up to 6 ATOMS at the same time remotely. You can also have your ATOMS control your smartphone!

Check out our ATOMS Sets or look at our Individual ATOMS for more info!